1. you a hot chocolate waaaaauuuu!!!!
    I love you
    ojala pudiera algun dia tocar esa piel
    ojala pudira algun dia oler tu perfume
    ojla pudiera algun dia mirarte a los ojos

  2. your a great dancer i love your songs they are awesome you are very very pretty melody you are my favourite pussycat doll nice talkin to ya

  3. your one great dancer (and singer).i wish i could see you one day.it is nearly my birthday and i am getting the pussycat dolls cd and some pussycat dolls clothing my birthday is no the 30th of april.nice talking to ya u go gurl keep it up!!.

  4. hey Melody:D
    I love you so much..you are so cute and have a so nice voice.
    love from P.C.D lover

  5. I love you so much! And yes your beautiful. hehe… I also think you’re cute and shy and I LOVE YOUR VOICE!

  6. melody you r my fav. singer ever plz plz plz plz say hi to all of the pcd

  7. melody ?“?? bellissima a una voce strabiliante,e molto simpatica e sono felice che abbia fatto un album

  8. Sexy Lady On The Floor U know u are
    my favourite pussy cat doll and in this photos U
    are looking very very very very very beautiful.

  9. melody u r extremely sexy in this photo.
    ur body is so beautiful.
    ur r slim and i will like not
    like but wish that my body
    looks like u.
    wat have u eat to build a body like yours
    please tell me.

  10. No matter what jealous people say Mel, you, follow your dreams and become the woman you have always wnated to be.ILY SO MUCH <3

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